Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

No, we're not talking about the Olympics, but something Olympic sized...and that is the love and hate for Tim Tebow.  Some think there is no in between when it comes to Tebow.  There is either blind love or blind hatred.  We disagree, but that's for another day.

Tim Tebow won his first home game as a starter, and showed flashes of promise as a winning NFL QB leading his team to a comeback win, and the knives have come out.  Below are a couple of excerpts in praise of Tebow.  You can find the hate easily enough on your own.

Clay Travis:

Already, the Tebow haters are retrenching their criticisms now that he is a winning quarterback in the NFL.

Tebow, in throwing for 300 yards in just his second start as a rookie, has managed a feat that neither Peyton nor Eli Manning could accomplish in their rookie seasons. There must be a reason why they were wrong. The Tebow haters are circling, nervous, still unwilling to give up the hateful fight. They point to the Houston Texans' pass defense, currently ranked 32nd in the league.

The same people who said that Tebow would never win an NFL game, wring their hands and argue that this is too small of a sample size to prove anything. And even if it does prove anything, the Texans are awful. So what, you know, if the Broncos are also awful. That's why the Texans were favored to win this game.
But every time they adjust their argument Tebow moves further down the field, powering through his haters like they stood between him and the goal line. Already the college debate that lasted for three years -- could Tebow win in the NFL? -- has shifted to, how many games can Tebow win in the NFL? The answer? A ton. Make no mistake about it, quarterbacks passing for 300 yards in their rookie season are rare, no matter who the NFL competition is.

In fact, here's a list of Super Bowl winning NFL quarterbacks who didn't manage that feat in their first year: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Brett Favre.

Here's a list of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks from the past 20 years who threw for 300 or more yards in their second career start.

That would be zero.

Not a one.

And, oh by the way, Bronco fans, need a guy who also threw for 300 yards in the second-to-last game of his rookie season? Guy by the name of John Elway.

Pretty good company, right?

Mine eyes have seen the Tebow and as much as it drives his haters crazy, you ain't seen nothing yet. But what you have seen is something the haters said you'd never see, Tebow with a win as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Whole story here.

And another good one here.

The only thing about Tebow getting the start so late in the season, is that we didn't get to see him progress.  What we will get is another very long off season of speculation of whether he can really be a winning NFL quarterback.  More fun!  Meanwhile, we expect #15 jersey sales to continue along with sales of Jockey and FRS drinks!

Let the games begin!