Monday, December 27, 2010

Woody Paige sees the Broncos future inTebow

Woody Paige sees the future of the Broncos in Tebow.

The players sort of put up with, and were humored by, Tebow in training camp and through the season. They cut his hair into a monk style. When every drill ended with wind sprints, Tebow would lap the field — and Kyle Orton and others would stand off and laugh at him. When Tebow sold all the jerseys and got all the endorsements, they were envious — and made snide remarks.

But he just kept on working, learning and waiting. To the disbelievers and garbage mouths, Tebow says, "God bless."

This had become the land of disenchantment for professional football.
Sunday was one small step for a young man, one giant leap for man-, woman- and children-kind in Colorado.
When was the last time the Broncos felt this good?

"We haven't forgot how good it feels when you win," Lloyd said. A comeback instead of a throw-away. Tebow and Elway together, a new regime on the way for the new year.

And because it will always be funny...