Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tebow and Siler meet again

Brandon Siler was a friend and mentor to Tebow when Tebow arrived at UF in 2006.  The two meet again today as opponents on the field.

Excerpts from the two this week.
Tebow said he considers Siler a “good friend.”
“I've got a great relationship with Brandon,” Tebow said in a Wednesday media conference call. “He was someone I definitely looked up to while I was at Florida. He taught me a lot of the things right when I showed up -- kind of showed me the ropes.… I just remember how much he loved football, and that was definitely something I fed off of, as well.”

“People try to make it like it's so unbelievable,” Siler said. “It's just that kind of guy does exist. He's that guy. He's a good person, and he's a good football player. I love Tebow, man.”

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Source: Siler is Tebow's Old Friend, Mentor | NBC San Diego