Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q&A with Tim Tebow

Here's a few highlights of the most recent Q&A with Tebow:

How is your relationship with Orton and has it changed any since you’re now viewed as more of a threat to be the starter?
We have a good working relationship. It’s something where I always rooted for him. Every day was a competition, trying to work and improve. We tried to push each other to get better. I always hope he does his best because that’ll help the Broncos. It’s been a while since we’ve been around each other. We don’t really talk or text each other that much, but I’d say it’s a healthy working relationship.

Even if Orton stays in Denver and the Broncos are willing to let you two duel for the starting job, do you feel you’re far enough along with  your mechanics and understanding of the offense to win it?
I feel that I’m definitely ready to compete for it. I’m excited for that challenge. I’ve worked extremely hard this offseason. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to lead this team and try to win games. I don’t feel like it’s even close from last year to where I am now. In fact, it’s not even close to where I am now from the end of last season. I’m much more prepared.

How has the demands on your time from fans in Denver compare with what you dealt with at Florida?
That’s a good question. At both places, they have wonderful, passionate fans. That’s one of the things I love about being a Bronco. There are different things I try to do now as far as fan interaction. At Florida, I was around them all the time going to classes. I don’t have to deal with that as much here, but I’m more involved with my foundation and the community. It always seemed like I’d have more time this offseason, but things fill up quickly. It’s training, growing my foundation or hanging out with my family. Those three things take up 95 percent of my time. That’s my life right now.

You posted on Twitter recently that two girls were accompanying you on a Valentine’s Day date, then revealed they were your nieces. That was an interesting tease for your followers and TMZ. So here’s a chance for full disclosure. Are you a free agent on the dating scene, seeing one woman exclusively, or is this topic out of bounds?
No, it’s not out of bounds. I can say I’m single. It hasn’t happened yet for me. Who knows? We’ll see.

Do you ever see yourself following in the footsteps of former Florida quarterback Jesse Palmer by appearing on “The Bachelor?”
(Laughter) No, I don’t see myself ever doing that. I think we’re safe there.

 Full Q&A here.