Monday, April 11, 2011

Tebow Statue includes John 3:16 Eye black verses

Interesting article in the Gainesville Sun today on the possible "controversial" John 3:16 eye black on Tebow's statue.

The statue of former Gator quarterback Tim Tebow that was unveiled on campus over the weekend includes a realistic but perhaps controversial touch — a Bible verse written into the eye black.

Tebow was famous for including references to Bible passages in his eye black during his playing days at UF. When he wore “John 3:16″ during the 2009 national championship game, the biblical reference became the most popular Google search subject.

The “John 3:16″ verse is the one featured on the bronze statue, designed by Tallahassee artist Sandy Proctor. Proctor’s daughter and business manager, Peggy Proctor Woodham, said that Tebow himself picked the verse.


The money quote is that "Tebow himself picked the verse."