Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Tour Q&A

Below is an excerpt of the Q&A Tebow had with the Miami Herald for his Coral Gables book signing.  Full story here.

How has the tour affected your routine?
It’s a little different than most people think. They think you’re busy all day. But really you have a book signing for two hours. I still train all day and work out.

Why did you write this book?
So many other people have written stuff about me, and all those stories aren’t accurate. I wanted to set the record straight. But the main reason was somehow to encourage and inspire or put a smile on someone’s face, whether that’s a kid trying to follow his dream or an adult who needs a role model for his kid. To have an impact on people’s lives in a good way.

Why is being a role model so important?
It’s the most important thing to me, period. If I just play football and just try to win games and championships, if that’s all I do, then at the end of my life it’s not going to mean very much. It’s just a game. … I love it, but if you take the platform, and you can influence someone’s life and inspire them to go after their dream, then what you’re doing is worth it. You’re having a life of success and meaning.

What was it like returning to Gainesville for a signing?
It was pretty crazy, very rowdy. A lot of people showed up; they were sleeping on floors and in shopping carts. I signed the whole time, and when the time was up they told me, ‘There are another 600 people waiting,’ and I was like, ‘Well, we’re gonna be here awhile then.’ But it was cool.