Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tebow had a headache before 09 LSU game

Have you gotten your copy of Through My Eyes yet?

If not, here's an interesting excerpt (via OGGOA).

“I’m not going to let you play,” [Urban Meyer] said. He had tears in his eyes—he knew how much it meant to me.
“I have to play,” I responded.
He cut me off. “I keep asking myself, if you were Nate, would I let you play? I keep saying, ‘No.’ I can’t let you play.” He really wanted to win, but he was unwilling to take a chance with my health.
“But they cleared me, and I haven’t had headaches in days,” I countered. “There’s no reason for me not to play.”
“No headaches?”
“No, Coach. No headaches.” A headache had been starting to set in, but for all I know, it was from stress or a migraine, not the concussion. […]
I was praying in the locker room that the headache, which had been getting worse and worse, would simply go away. It didn’t. I could barely see by the end of the pregame warm-ups, it was hurting so badly.

What do you think?  Should Tim have played?  

And watch for Tim on the Daily Show tonight with Jon Stewart, 11pm ET on Comedy Central.