Friday, August 12, 2011

Football Returns in Style

Yes it did.  And notice who all the big guys splashed their front pages with....that backup 'who can't throw."

Here's ESPN's front page:

As expected, they backed off only slightly in their criticism of Tebow.  Doesn't matter, because this is what one of our favorite analysts, Warren Sapp, had to say last night.

Tim's performance was far from perfect, but his 43 yard pass silenced the Cowboy's commentators who warmed up their evening's commentary with how poorly Tim was passing in warm ups.

Tim's mad scramble at the close of the first half was, well, a bit mad, but it is why we love to watch him play.  He's a gamer who doesn't give up.  You want that guy with you in the trenches, and especially in the red zone.  Kyle Orton, once again, failed to score in the red zone.  Granted he only had one try, but if John Fox really wants a "gamer" and not a practice guy, makes you wonder how long before we see Tebow start. Or at least some combination of Orton between the 20s and Tebow in the red zone. 

Click the photo below for Tim's post game interview.