Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

Each guy is different. Each guy throws the ball a little bit different and has their own style. I think there are certain fundamentals that you would like to have and in the end your goal is to try to get the ball out as quickly as possible when you talk about the quick release, but obviously for what he didn’t do a whole lot of in college was the straight drop back passing [where] you stand in the pocket and go through your progressions and that kind of thing. That’s something you are required to do a lot in the NFL, so I think for him it’s just a matter of repetition and experience. The more he gets of that the better he will get at those things and then obviously the guy has a ton of ability, a ton of athletic ability, leadership ability. It seems like he has all the intangibles now it’s just a matter of him getting the reps and experience he needs to refine his game a little bit.” – Drew Brees