Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Booing Fans

To boo, or not to boo?  That is the question.

Denver fans booing Kyle Orton's "whoopsie" fumble and then chanting "Tebow, Tebow!" became a quick and easy media story.  QB controversies are always interesting, and throw in the web traffic monster Tebow into the mix, and it is media gold.

Two writers addressed the booing this morning and faced off on both sides of the chasm; to boo or not to boo.

Gregg Doyel believes that Denver fans booing their starting QB is damaging the team, but also inadvertently turning a very innocent Tebow into a "cancer" to his team, and puts the franchise in a difficult spot.

Conversely, Woody Paige believes that Doyel, and other media types, are blaming the messenger and incorrectly labeling the fans as "unsophisticated."

But members of the "media" claim those people are unsophisticated and must not boo or chant names, and they embarrassed Denver on national TV. 
Years ago I was forced to attend the premiere of a Broadway musical entitled "In My Life," featuring a guitar player with Tourette's syndrome. The sellout audience whistled (the theater equivalent of booing), laughed, talked and walked out during the second act. I stayed for the entire production, 2 1/2 hours, that, regretfully, I can't recover in my life.
A review called the play "a disaster of disastrous proportions."
Those New York theater-goers didn't cheer their play and the lead actor, but nobody accused them of being unsophisticated. They were intelligent.
Broncos fans/sophisticates know when they see offensive and defensive play that is, well, offensive and defective.

We made our position clear yesterday that we'd rather wait for the offensive train wreck we saw Monday night get itself sorted out before we see Tebow thrown out there.  No QB will do well without a good offensive line.  Not Orton, not Tebow, not Drew Brees.

And the QB situation isn't the only thing rotten in the state of Colorado, and that would be how the Broncos are dealing with this in the media.

Doyel hints at this but we don't blame the fans. Instead, we  put the blame on the Broncos front office for the mishandling of and the current media maelstrom over the "Tebow thing."

Do you know anything about football, Broncos fans?
Apparently not, and you know even less about human nature, because all of this Tebow talk is killing your team. You have Orton being quoted during preseason that he doesn't care what the fans think, a sensible train of thought for an unappreciated quarterback but a stupid thing to say for public consumption. You have coach John Fox being quoted this week that he didn't hear the fans clamoring for Tebow on Monday, and even going a step farther and saying the atmosphere was the best he'd ever seen in his 23 years as an NFL coach. That was a blatant lie, one I can't believe Fox told with a straight face, but he's playing to his audience. He knows Broncos fans can't handle or even digest the truth. They want to be lied to, whether it's Fox telling them they were great on Monday or whether it's their own heart telling them Tim Tebow would help the team win games. 
Quite the contrary, we'd like for the Broncos to be straight with us.  Stop with the "coach speak" please.  No more "competitive advantage" talk, or "couldn't actually hear" the boos or Tebow chants.  No more two No. 2 QBs.

Not only are the Broncos losing it on the field, but the PR battle as well.  How about being straight with us?  We may not like it, we may not agree with it, but we are far more likely to respect it.

We are willing to wait to see Tebow play, but give us something worth the waiting, on or off the field.