Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Headline of the Day: Jags won’t trade for Tim Tebow after cutting Garrard

George Diaz cautions the "Tebow Cheerleaders" to not get their hopes up that Tebow will return to the Sunshine State soon.

Stop it, Tim Tebow cheerleaders.
The Jacksonville Jaguars do not have buyer’s remorse over their young quarterback.
We’re not talking about David Garrard.
We’re talking about rookie Blaine Gabbert.
The stunning decision to cut ties with Garrard on Tuesday will bring the usual flurry of questions:
Why didn’t the Jags take the ever-popular _ and polarizing _ Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft?
Probably because like most folks in the NFL, coach Jack Del Rio and others in the organization didn’t think that Tebow had the skill-set to become a starting quarterback in the NFL.
Drafting Tebow from the University of Florida would truly have been a marketing boost for a team that is struggling to attract attention. If it were me, I would have taken a flyer on the kid and hoped for the best.
Instead, I can only second-guess how much worse can it get for the Jaguars now that they are starting a journeyman who has been a career backup in Luke McCown.
And forget about trading for Tebow now. Gabbert is their guy. The Jags swapped first-round picks and sent a second-round pick to Washington to move up to 10th overall and select Gabbert.
He will start eventually. Not just now.
Tebow time will have to be set at a different place. Denver, maybe somewhere else.
“I’m really not in the ticket business,” Del Rio said of the business that Tebow would drive. “We’re just trying to put out the best football team we can.”