Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

The following is from a fan in a forum, and it is the best thing we've seen so far on the subject:

The wisdom of the "old school" philosophy of keeping an immobile QB in the game with 1st and goal and running consecutive runs up the middle rather than inserting a QB like Tebow and spreading the alignment wide to open up pass/run possibilities has surpassed traditional conservatism to the point of clear stupidity. (IMHO)

Whether you are a fan of Tim Tebow or not, how many out there still maintain that keeping the "starter", Orton in the game in that situation gave us a better scoring opportunity, rather than putting Tebow in to open up the scoring chances?

Saying Orton gives us the better chance to win in that singular scoring situation is just insane and there is only ONE MAN to be held accountable for this continued intransigence.  Fox is a good coach, but his game is falling as short in these situations, as is the QB and the philosophy to which he is remaining falsely loyal.

He is slowly eroding the loyalty of the fans, in my opinion, and if it sustains, he will begin to lose the players, as well, beginning with the defense, who played well enough to win this game.

How long will it take for Orton to prove his red-zone impotence to John Fox, before a better decision is made at times like this, when victory hangs in the balance?  We must start using ALL of our assets, and be damned with old-school tradition and hyper-conservative coaching.  We have got to win the close ones, while we have the chance.

Full post, by areferee, here.