Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Question of the Season

The question from a fan was innocent enough and certainly posed cheerfully enough by Susie Wargin on John Elway's TV show:
"Besides the goal of winning, what do you want the team to accomplish this year?"
"That's a good question," Elway replied. "I think, obviously, winning's really kind of everything, but I think it's how we're looked at as an organization, what Mr. Bowlen wants us to be, and really, the bottom line is to get us back to where we're competitive year in and year out.
"And I think that with John Fox in here and the type coach that he is, to get these guys, when fans go to watch a football game, they know that we're going to play hard for 60 minutes. It may not always go our way, but we want them to know when they show up that they're going to get the best of the players and the Denver Broncos and hopefully be entertaining and win those games."

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