Friday, September 30, 2011

Tebow Billboards and Oedipal Conflicts

Let the whole Orton vs. Tebow saga be a lesson to us all, especially everyone in marketing and PR.  Just consider that the Denver news media had helicopter(s) searching the city for a Tebow billboard.  A billboard.
If one guy can get national attention by putting up a sign of Tebow, think about what a franchise could do by putting him on the field?

Like many fans, we are torn over all this.  On the one hand, we want to see our boy play and appreciate the like minded sentiment.  But we also worry if there won't be some sort of backlash, especially within the offices of EFX.

Like it or not, EFX have created this maelstrom.  Had they just been straight with the fans from the beginning, or even now, it might not have come to this.  By playing the PR game, the Broncos have let too much speculation creep into the situation, which gives rise to John Elway has an "Oedipal Conflict."  The Broncos have not only opened themselves up to arm chair quarterbacking, but also arm chair psychology. 

Three rookies are cutting their teeth this season.  John Elway was 9-7 his rookie season.  Peyton Manning was 3-13 his rookie season and then 13-3 the following year.  Why not give Tim the same chance to succeed?
Give the fans a good reason not to play Tebow, and you'll quell the storm.  Or play him, and do the same. If not, this is what the next billboard may look like.