Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tebow Speaks on Billboard Issue

Watch the video below, and please notice the small difference between what Tim said, and how it was reported. Tebow starts at the 45 sec. mark.

From the AP:

Tim Tebow appreciates his fans cheering for him to take over as the Denver Broncos' quarterback, but he says he trusts his coach and will bide his time without complaint.

A group of his most ardent supporters have said they'd like to buy two billboards in downtown Denver urging coach John Fox to bench Kyle Orton in favor of the former University of Florida star.

Tebow said he'd rather they donate the $10,000 to his charitable foundation.

Orton had a poor performance in Monday night's season-opening loss to the Oakland Raiders, but Tebow didn't go in the game.

Tebow said the Broncos don't have a specific package of plays designed to capitalize on his skills like they did last season, when he occasionally came in on short-yardage situations before starting the last three games.