Friday, September 23, 2011

What position would you play?

Mike Klis, of the Denver Post, has a nice take on Tebow playing WR against the Bengals. And that was to find out what other positions he played as a kid.

Everybody made such a big deal about quarterback Tim Tebow playing wide receiver last Sunday.
It's not as if he hasn't been a receiver before his cameo in the Broncos' 24-22 victory against Cincinnati. He has been a receiver, running back, punter, punt returner, defensive back, pass rusher. You thought Robby and Peter and all their older friends were going to always let Timmy play quarterback?
"Growing up, when you're in the backyard with the brothers, you go out there and play everything," Tebow said this week. "You're a football player and that helps you no matter what position you play."
And if Tebow didn't grow up to become a quarterback?
"It's hard to say because I played everything growing up," he said. "But if I wasn't a quarterback, I probably would have played linebacker. That's what my brothers were. I probably would have followed them."

So if Timmy wasn't going to play QB in the NFL, what would you like to see him play?