Thursday, September 15, 2011

Woody Paige shoots straight on the Broncos and Tebow

Be careful what you wish for Tebow fans, because after a frustrating few days, we finally heard someone seem to tell it like it is, and, well, it is very disheartening.  Not surprising, but disheartening.

Woody Paige was on Sandy Clough's show and discussed the Broncos and the Tebow situation at great length.  In short, Paige doesn't think that Tebow will get a shot in Denver.  He states rather plainly that   "Elway doesn't like [Tebow]. Fox doesn't like him, that's the truth of the matter." (at the 12:35 mark), and later states with equal force that Fox didn't like Steve Young either (Beginning at the 4:30 mark.  Quote regarding Fox/Young at 3:50 mark.). And Mr. Paige has clarified via email that by "do not like" he meant as a player only, and not as a man.

What is ironic is that Paige reminiscences that Dan Reeves didn't think Elway would be a decent QB and that the Broncos wanted to trade him but were stuck with him.  Elway tweeted pretty much the same regarding his first start.  Interesting that Elway's tweet is in seeming defense of Orton and not Tebow.

Paige and Clough also speculate that the Ravens might be interested in trading a third round pick for Tebow, based on some speculation of Peter King.  Who knows, but we are beginning to hope so if the Broncos aren't even going to give Tim a chance.  And with no packages for him, it's beginning to look like that is the case.

Click the Sandy Clough link above for the audio.