Monday, October 31, 2011

After Only Two Starts

Look at the stories today:

Really?  After starting only two games this season, and a total of five overall?
Imagine if coaches had given up on Elway, Peyton Manning, Montana after only two starts, or even five.
And what about Young, Brees, and Warner?  

For the critics who said Tebow was given too much credit after the Miami comeback and that the rally was a team win, not a solo Tebow victory, well, back at you.  The Denver loss was ugly, but it was a team loss.  Tebow looked bad, but his line looked equally as bad.  And the defense?  Where were they?  One guy had a good day for Denver, and that was the kicker. 

And for what it's worth, Woody Paige says that Tebow will be given the rest of the season to play. The bad news, it seems Paige thinks the Broncos brass have already made up their minds on Tebow.