Thursday, October 13, 2011

Attention Deficit Disorder - The Tebow Strain

We know ADD is usually considered to be kids who can't focus, but we don't know the name for a rising phenomena of adults, especially sports related figures, who when they are feeling down or just need some attention, or add clicks, or retweets on twitter, resort to muttering or yelling "Tebow!" in public and then reveling in the momentary attention.

No one paying attention to you online,  just throw out there "Tebow isn't ready."  And get some clicks.

If that doesn't work, insult the Tebow fan base by calling them "Tebow cult followers" and inviting them to chat on line to defend themselves.

Or hedge and begin to put out there that Tebow might just "make experts look stupid."

Or go the opposite direction and straddle the divide and claim all the Tebowmaniacs and Tebow haters are BOTH STUPID.

Not to mention an opposing franchise, the Dolphins, making a cool $5M by celebrating Denver's new starting QB in their own stadium.

Or even floating a movie idea by dropping Tebow's name in.

But to top them all, a two for one: Tebow and Lebron playing on the same team.

We get it.  Tebow makes money, a lot of money, and people like to make money off of Tebow.  But what you see below is what we'd like to call ADD-The Tebow Strain.  Scary. And it is no surprise that Colin Cowerd lurks in the background of this Hulk Hogan monstrosity.