Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Controversial Quarterback

Once upon a time, there was this controversial quarterback.
Even his strongest defenders admitted that he was a fiery field general, not a conventional pinpoint passer. He made lots of big plays with his legs, dodging tacklers and creating havoc until he could unload the ball.
His throwing motion wasn’t much to look at, either. Purists said he brought the ball way too low while winding up to fire it deep.
On top of all that, he was devoutly religious and very conservative.
He was especially vocal about social issues, such as his belief that sex should be reserved for marriage — period.
Talent scouts were divided. Many were sure he would never succeed in professional football, even though he was a Heisman Trophy winner.
Besides, Roger Staubach had to serve as a Navy officer before he could start his Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys.
Wait a minute. You thought this was some other quarterback?

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