Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Former Broncos TE prefers a Gamer

Former Broncos TE Nate Jackson breaks down the difference between a gamer and a good practice player, and why most coaches prefer the latter.
There is a philosophical battle that takes place in the NFL concerning quarterbacks. Do you want Brett Favre​ or Peyton Manning​? I suppose that's an appropriate question. But the Favres of the league are dwindling in favor of the well-polished, look-good-on-tape, mechanical, coachable, moldable, brain-washable young quarterback who will simply do as he is told.

Often, an offensive coach is only happy if the quarterback does exactly what he (the coach) would have done if he (the coach) were out there playing. But he isn't. And usually for good reason. ...

Broncos coach John Fox is, from the looks of it, not that kind of coach. He is a defensive specialist. He knows that the unpredictable quarterbacks are the most difficult to prepare for. That's why Tebow is starting this week. Fox is ready to play jazz. And that is brave and admirable of him, and all too rare in the modern NFL.

Every analyst that has defiled Tebow's name on television is self-serving. He was a Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champ at Florida, but he can't play because why? Because ESPN's Merril Hoge said so?

Most of the former players we see talking about football on television are too heavily invested in their own egos to provide anything resembling real insight. The truth is, nobody knows how good Tim Tebow will be. Not even Tim. Not even God. But God knows, we're all looking forward to finding out.

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