Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

Read the following and imagine John Oliver meeting the Pouncey twins and having a conversation about Tim Tebow.  Especially about his thanking God and supposedly not his linemen.  

Comedian John Oliver starts the skit by making his ire clear: He hates Tim Tebow.
Oliver, who won an Emmy in 2009 for his work as a "Daily Show" correspondent, doesn't just dislike Tebow. He saves that designation, he says, for Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe. No, Oliver  hates Tebow.
"How dare you -- how dare you -- thank God before thanking your offensive line," Oliver cracked at Florida State's homecoming in 2010. "Do you have any idea what an offensive line goes through during a game? If I was an offensive lineman for Tim Tebow, and I heard him thank God instead of thanking me at the end of the game, I'd find myself lining up for the following game and say, 'Oh Tim, I heard your press conference at the end of the game last week, great to hear Jesus get a shout-out.'
"'Wasn't he fantastic for us? Wasn't God great, especially in that fourth quarter? ... Let's see how Jesus blocks for you this time. Oh, it seems Jesus didn't read that blitz.'"
The crowd laughed because, well, plenty of people -- not just Florida State Seminoles -- would find that funny. They also cheered, something plenty of people -- not just Florida State Seminoles -- would also endorse. But why? Why do they cheer?
Why do people hate Tim Tebow?
"It really blows my mind," said Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who spent three seasons as an offensive lineman for Tebow at the University of Florida. "You talk about a guy that's in the church, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink alcohol, lives right, won the Heisman, won the national championship in college.
"Why do you criticize a guy like that?"
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