Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tebow and A Good Day to Die Hard

Whether Tom Rothman really wants Tebow to be in the next Bruce Willis Die Hard movie, or is trying to bank off dropping Tebow's name, there's one thing that is undeniable;  Tebow is a force to be contended with both on and off the field.

The fifth movie in the Die Hard series — to be called A Good Day to Die Hard — will begin filming in January with Bruce Willis in the lead, maybe for the final time.
The movie’s story line will be significant because its aim is to pass on the successful franchise to a younger actor, who will play action hero John McClane’s son.
And among the names being floated to play Willis’ son is Denver Broncos quarterback and former Florida Gator Tim Tebow.
The topic of Tebow came up Wednesday when Tom Rothman, co-chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment announced the new film project exclusively on Wednesday on the syndicated sports show The Jim Rome Show, known as The Jungle.
“What do you think of Tebow in the lead?’’ Rothman asked Rome and the listening audience. Rome did not give Tebow a thumbs up.
“He might be too nice,” Rome said, referring to Tebow’s wholesome reputation. “But no one would work harder to make it work.” Rothmans says, regardless, he expects many young Hollywood actors to audition for the part. "We have to find just the right guy.''
Our vote is Tebow do it only if they some how resurrect Hans Gruber.