Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tebow Effect

Tebow sets a new social networking record:

Sportadore, a community of sports fans participating in the ultimate on-line sports information experience, announced today that the website hit a record level of single player stories in any  24 hour period. 

The website, which boasts over 10 million authors of sports stories, videos and opinions, had 6,225 stories about Tim Tebow with in the 24 hour period after it was announced that he would become the starting quarterback for the NFL's Denver Broncos. 
"Tebow is known for his social networking prowess," said Howard Becker, CEO of Sportadore's parent company, Comet Technologies.  "But, to see him generate over 6,000 stories in a 24 hour period is unheard of.  He has set quite a bar for others to match."

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