Thursday, November 17, 2011

John Fox: Tebow not "screwed"

John Fox clarifies his quote to

"I think at the time we were watching the second half of the Detroit game and the point was that him or any other quarterback in that situation, down 24-3, is not enviable and is not a good spot to be in. There's a lot of different ways to put it," Fox said...
"I'm his biggest fan. The kid's a competitor," Fox told the Denver Post on Tuesday. "No knock against anybody else, but the quarterback we have now likes this stuff. He has a bigger body. Running is one of this guy's strengths. Put in this offense and some quarterbacks in the league would look at you like you had three heads. Tebow feeds off it. He likes the physical part of football, and it's a little bit unique. He can pass. But this is an ability (Tebow) has that most quarterbacks don't have in this league."

And nice choice of picture by too.