Friday, November 18, 2011

Let another praise you

Proverbs 27:2 Let another praise you, and not your own mouth.

Robby Tebow
@TimTebow That's how u Finish Strong Brother!!!
brandon spikes
Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! It's great 2 be a Florida gator #GatorNation #GoGators #PoWwWwW

David Nelson
Proud of ya, and thank you @TimTebow

Jack Youngblood
Tebow in crunchtime accelerates this old man's heartrate. Can't deny his ability and drive to win - accept it.
Corey Brewer
: Give Tebow credit. Simply a WINNER. It's not pretty, but getting it done! Stop hating on the kid.” true
Chandler Parsons
@TimTebow is a winner. Congrats my boy.
  Alex James Brown
Tebow is just.... Well....... TEBOW!!! Unreal!!!
Kurt Warner
Wow, @TimTebow does it again! So happy 4 him, no idea how he does it, but I remember when ppl said the same about me! Phil 4:13
Aj Green
Tebow is playin tebow ball now dude is a winner..
Bill Romanowski
Tebow is like Mother Teresa playing QB in the NFL. He inspires me!
Kordell Stewart
Man man man......great job by Tebow. It is what it is. I must admit....great job. 60 minutes...
Jemalle Cornelius
I'm in my living room #Tebowing

LeBron James
S/O @TimTebow for getting that W tonight vs the Jets at home. #allhedoiswin
Patrick Ewing Jr
@coachcamp41: @pewingjr6 @TimTebow He's a winner!! And most of all, a child of God! He stays prayed up!!” #TrueStatement
Dick Vitale
@timtebow WINNER - WINNER - WINNER - A flat out Football player! Haters get a life the kid is SPECIAL. 4-1 with a sub par team. #TENACIOUS
Jamie Foxx
Tim Tebow just made me a fan again!
Angie Harmon
THAT'S IT!! Tim Tebow has singlehandedly made me a #Broncos fan! I'm pulling 4 them 4 the rest of the season!!!
Jim Cramer
Market's got to find its own Tebow here