Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Challenge: Make Tebow just one of the guys

Wednesday we wrote about Tebow's "unconventional life" and issued the challenge below.  Let's start a movement that isn't a fad, but a way of life that will make our lives and all those around us better.  Don't be a follower this time, be a leader. 

To all the Christians who read this blog, we'd like to issue you this challenge.  Lets make Tebow irrelevant.  Imagine that so many Christians actually lived a strong Christian life that someone like Tebow was so typical, so commonplace that it wouldn't warrant discussing, much less dissecting.

How about bringing the same passion, commitment, determination, hard work and excellence to our everyday lives that others are forced to consider our faith and our God as a result of our everyday actions?

How about taking the hits from the skeptics in our sphere of influence with the same polite, level headed and gracious approach that we see Tebow do, week after week, year after year?

Instead of "tebowing", i.e. taking a picture of yourself pretending to pray, how about really praying for those around you who are in need?

Instead of wearing a 15 jersey with "Jesus" emblazoned on the back, how about feeding the sick, supporting orphans, visiting prisoners, and providing health care to those less fortunate.  How about acting like a follower of the real Jesus, instead of just wearing his name?

And instead of "believing" Tebow can get it done on the field, how about we all join him off the field and make being a real Christian the standard and not the exception? 

Let Tebow silence his critics on the field, and let us as fans join forces and silence the critics off the field by making the man Tebow is just one of the many instead of one of the few.