Friday, November 4, 2011

The Trouble with "Tebowing"

Since the Lions' rout of the Broncos last Sunday, many words have been written regarding Stephen Tulloch "tebowing" after sacking Tebow.  Many saw it as disrespectful, even mocking God.

Somewhat surprisingly, many in the main stream media disagree.

Jen Floyd Engel:  Why the heck do we hate Tim Tebow?

Jemele Hill: Lion's disrespected Tim Tebow's faith.

Bruce Arthur: Tim Tebow mocking enters dangerous territory

Tommy Craggs: The Stupid moral panic over mocking Tim Tebow; Or, what would Jesus do about tebowing?

And Wednesday night Scott Hanson twittered the following video to Robby Tebow.

And what was Robby's reply?  " U know what they say,"Imitation is the best form of flattery." #JustSayin"
 Then yesterday Tony Dungy addressed the issue of "tebowing" and was gracious as expected.

Finally, what did Tim have to say about it?  He was more concerned that he gave up the sack than Tulloch "tebowing."

So what do you think?  Was it okay or not?