Sunday, November 6, 2011

Woody Paige compares rookie QB stats

Woody Paige looked up the numbers of various rookie QBs and they are very interesting.
Read the whole article here, it's worth it just for the opening paragraphs.
More quarterbacks through their first five starts:

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, 1-4 record, two touchdowns, nine interceptions, would be the QB on Ravens' Super Bowl-winning team.
Southern football icon and No. 2 pick overall, Archie Manning, 2-2-1, 40-of-86 passing, five touchdowns, five interceptions, 10.9 rating in one game as Saints rookie, father of two NFL quarterbacks.
The Colts' (injured) Peyton Manning, No. 1 pick, 1-4, four touchdowns, 12 interceptions, would win one Super Bowl. 
The Giants' Eli Manning, No. 1 pick (traded from Chargers following draft), 0-5, three touchdowns, seven interceptions, would win one Super Bowl.
The Packers' Aaron Rodgers, 2-3 as starter, finally, in fourth season, nine touchdowns, four interceptions, would win one Super Bowl.
Fox analyst Terry Bradshaw, 2-3, one touchdown, eight interceptions, 41-of-100 passing, would win four Super Bowls, Hall of Famer.
ESPN commentator Steve Young, 1-4 with Tampa Bay, three touchdowns, eight interceptions, would be 49ers' starting quarterback on one Super Bowl-winning team, Hall of Famer.
Fox analyst Troy Aikman, 0-5, three touchdowns, eight interceptions, won three Super Bowls with Cowboys, Hall of Famer.
Joe Montana, 1-4, six touchdowns, four interceptions, won four Super Bowls with 49ers, Hall of Famer.
Brett Favre, 2-3, six touchdowns, two interceptions, won one Super Bowl with Packers.
Sam Bradford, No. 1 pick overall in 2010 by Rams, 2-3, six touchdowns, eight interceptions, lost his fifth start 44-6.
Colt McCoy, tied with Boise State's Kellen Moore heading into Saturday night for most victories as a quarterback in FBS, drafted in third round last year, current Browns starter, 2-3, three touchdowns, three interceptions.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, current Bills starter who just signed a six-year, $59 million contract extension, 0-5, two touchdowns, 10 interceptions with Rams, then Bengals.
Michael Vick, current Eagles starter, 2-3, five touchdowns, one interception with Falcons.
Johnny Unitas, 3-2 as a starter in 1956 after taking over as Baltimore starter, threw interception for touchdown on first series, fumbled ball away on first play of second series, nine touchdowns, 10 interceptions with 3-4 record for season, won two NFL championships, Hall of Famer.
Cam Newton, No. 1 overall pick, 2011, current Panthers starter, 1-4 in first five games, seven touchdowns, six interceptions.
Then, there is: Tim Tebow, 2-3 as Broncos starter, seven touchdowns, four interceptions.
In five starts, Tebow has passed for 984 yards, rushed for 321 yards and completed 48.3 percent of his passes. In comparison, Elway (knocked out of his first game, replaced in the second half of his fifth game) passed for 420 yards, rushed for 41 yards, completed 45.8 percent and was 2-3 with one touchdown, five interceptions.
In his book for youngsters, the "Comeback Kid" would write that "TV commentators asked: 'Is Elway the $5 million mistake?' "
Elway was the Broncos' starter for the next 15 years — and had won more regular-season games than any other quarterback when he retired.
Elway also played poorly in his sixth start. He was 11-of-31 with no touchdowns and an interception in a loss . . . to the Raiders in Los Angeles.
The Broncos did not give up on Elway then? The Broncos must not give up on Tebow now.

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