Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bills declare ties to Tebow

It is no secret to Gators that Tebow and David Nelson were and are good friends.  But we were a little surprised to find that the Buffalo Bills highlighted it on their website. 

The bond between quarterback and receiver is a natural one. On every passing play in a game both are relying on one another to make an effective connection. Denver quarterback Tim Tebow and Buffalo wideout David Nelson did that in their four years together at the University of Florida. That bond still exists today, but on Saturday they’ll be opponents.
“Not only was he a teammate of mine, but he was one of my closest friends in college,” said Nelson. “We stay in touch. Just like with any other friend I want him to succeed until we play him.”
Nelson’s first encounter with Tebow happened in the Gators weight room leading up to their freshman season, and the receiver wasn’t sure what the fiery quarterback was all about just yet.
“The first time you meet him you're kind of like, 'What's wrong with that guy? There's something off about him,'” Nelson said. “Just because of the way he went in to the locker room: it was like his first week there as a freshman and he was just jumping up and down, screaming -- just getting after it in the weight room. Most guys are in the weight room just to be in the weight room, but he was actually all about it and was as enthusiastic as you can be. We were all like 'What's wrong with this guy?'
“As we got to know who he was and what he's about, we realized it wasn't fake. It was really genuine and that's how he approaches everything in life. He goes full speed ahead in everything he does and that's why he's been so successful.”

And because it's will always be fun; the jump pass to Nelson to close the 2008 National Championship game.