Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brady vs. Tebow. Take your pick

Rick Reilly compares Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.

Tom is righty. Tim is lefty.

Tom is 34. Tim is 24.

Tom is second in passing yards among NFL starters this season. Tim is dead last.

Tom is third in completion percentage. Tim is dead last.

Tom has won five games in a row. Tim has won six.

Tom swears like a teamster who has stubbed his little toe. Tim says "Gosh!" and "Golly!" and calls reporters "Sir." (I hired a lip reader to monitor Tim in Week 13. The worst he said was an impassioned, "Let's go!")

Tom has a QB rating of 106.0. Tim's is 83.9.

But in the fourth quarter, Tom's is 91.0 and Tim's is 99.6.

Tom has won 77 percent of his games as a starter. Tim has won 73 percent.

Tom has the seventh-best-selling Fathead poster in the NFL this week. Tim has the best-selling one. And the second-best-selling one. And the 10th-best-selling one.

Tom is the namesake of the NFL's Brady Rule, which prohibits hitting QBs below the knees. Tim is the namesake behind the NCAA's Tebow Rule, regarding athletes wearing messages on their eye black.

Tom is on a greeting card. Tim is on a Christmas card.

Tom has been named his team's QB of the future. Tim has not.

Tom is 1-5 versus Tim's team. Tim has never played Tom's team.

Bradying is not an acknowledged English word, according to the Global Language Monitor. Tebowing is.

Both men would chew through a cement embankment to win a football game.

They play Sunday.
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