Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confounding the Wise: Esquire

Esquire magazine wanted to give a secular perspective on Tebowmania and had four writers give their take on Tebow, his style of play, but also on his faith.  Here are two excerpts.

Chris Jones
I believe Tim Tebow might be one of the few athletes who's actually as good as he seems to be. I believe he works very hard. I believe he is genuinely grateful for everything that he has. I believe he will become better at what he does. I believe that one day he will have a Christmas-card perfect family, and he will become a very important and influential person in American society, maybe even an historic figure. Before that happens, I believe he will win a Super Bowl.
I suppose that means I believe in Tim Tebow, but that only stands to reason. I don't believe in God, but I've always been a sucker for underdogs.

Scott Raab
Tim Tebow is anything but cool. His Christian evangelism is fiery enough that even his avowedly religious peers — namely Kurt Warner and Aaron Rogers — have publicly advised him to quiet down about Jesus. It is just this facet of his persona that so many NFL fans and members of the commentariat find so ugly and repulsive. And this — this is the very thing that makes me love Tebow most of all.

I haven't seen a professional athlete hated like Tebow for the secular sin of religiosity since Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. Blasphemy, I know. But nonetheless it is true. And so I am both delighted and appalled at how many fine folks — who take pride in their embrace of ethnic diversity and would never ever tolerate any hint of bigotry as they define it — foam at their keyboards in fury at the sight of Tim Tebow kneeling in prayer on the football field.
Click through for the other two commentaries.  Be forewarned, Tom Chiarella's is particularly vitriolic.