Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quote of the Day: Being Cool

Last night at the Patriots holiday party, owner Robert Kraft lauded Tim Tebow. Kraft called him a “fine young man and said he really likes how now, “the country is thinking about spirituality.

On our conference call with Tebow just now, I asked him what he thought of Kraft’s remarks.
I respect Mr. Kraft very much,Tebow said.Had the opportunity to meet him, and that was definitely a pleasure for me. I feel if that is true, I’ll take that as a huge honor. I feel if I could be a good role model. If I could make faith something cool, if I could make having a relationship with Christ something cool, then I said that would be awesome...One of my biggest prayers, moreso than scoring touchdowns and winning games is to try to be a great role model for the next generation and someone that always puts my faith first no matter what and someone that is hopefully a player, an athlete that parents can look at their kids and say, ‘You know what, that’s someone that’s trying to do it the right way,’ ” Tebow said. ” ‘He doesn’t always, he messes up, but he always tries to give credit to the Lord, he always works as hard as he can. He’s trying to do the best that he possibly can’ and that’s something that I’m definitely working on.”

Sound familiar?  This is what Urban Meyer had to say about Tebow back in Novemember 2009.

Urban Meyer on the impact Tim Tebow has had on him:

“He’s had the same impact on me that he has on college football. He’s had that on my children….the unselfishness and his mission outside of college football is unparalleled as far as I’m concerned. The impact he’s made, it’s almost like selflessness is now a cool thing. Kids realizing to give back, if you can brighten someone’s day, you do it...It's very noticeable behind closed doors more than probably what you guys see.”