Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quote of the Day

Karlos Dansby, Miami Dolphin linebacker, credits the Broncos victory to Tebow being

“Us losing to Tim Tebow the way we did, we seen it first hand,” Dansby said on Rome’s radio show.  “Young man is blessed.  Young man has a special anointing on him.  And for God to show himself in that game the way He did, through the guy He did it through, it opened a lot of guys’ eyes on our team.  And it brought a lot of guys closer to God, so like I said, everything happens for a reason. . . .  My hat goes off to Tim.  And God working through him like that, it opened up a lot of eyes.  He’s a blessed young man and I wish him much success the rest of his career.”

If guys truly believe that, Tebow will be a magnet for certain free agents.  If they believe God is working through Tebow and if that means God will be helping his team win games, why wouldn’t they want to play with Tebow?

Audio on Jim Rome Show (must be able to log in).