Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tebow, the Great Uniter?

We've all heard how Tim Tebow is the most polarizing figure in sports.  But is he?  It's anecdotal evidence for sure, but how interesting is it that in the last few days the following men have all publicly expressed support for or being a fan of Tim Tebow both as a player and a man.

For the left, Alec Baldwin: "He's tough."
America's funny family man, Bill Cosby.  "Foot. Ball."

For the right, Bill Bennett: "Don't Mock Tebow"

And what about believers from the three major religious faiths?

We all know that there is overwhelming support for Tebow among Christians, but now there is the Jews for Tebow group.  And don't forget, the proprietor's of the infamous Tebow billboards in Denver were put up by Tariq and Mohammad Suleiman, who are devote Muslims.

And various Rabbis and Muslims in Denver are big Tebow fans.

And even a few atheists are having a "crisis of faith" watching Tebow play. 

Football traditionalists and purists may still be on the fence regarding Tim Tebow, but it seems that fans from all segments of life are enjoying watching Tebow and Brocos just win.