Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tebow Q&A

Below is an excerpt from the Q&A Tebow had with the New York Post's Steve Serby:

Q: What drives you?
A: Several things. What drives me is in everything I do, I want to do it all through the glory of God. I want to give everything I have to glorify the Lord for what He’s blessed me with and to make the most of my talent. I also want to make my family proud and represent the Tebow name. I want to make my teammates proud, and I want to win for my teammates and coaches.

Q: Which quarterbacks do you enjoy watching, current or old, and why?
A: I liked watching Steve McNair because he was extremely tough and you could tell everyone followed him. He was a great leader. I liked watching Steve Young because he was very athletic and is left-handed. I like watching Tom Brady because he is so precise at what he does and is able carve defenses up. I like watching Peyton Manning because he is a great player who has mastered the cerebral parts of the game.

Q: What are you feeling inside when the game is on the line?
A: I try to find a peace and a calmness and a motivation to do whatever it takes and to try to find a way to go out there and play for my teammates and get it done. I try to show character and fight until the very end. Starting strong but always finishing stronger. I think that has a lot to do with your character and your training and what you put into it. You always want to finish stronger than you started.

Q: How do you feel about and how do you handle the lack of privacy when you are out to dinner or out in general? Have there been any bothersome or funny incidents?
A: It has its pros and cons. Obviously, I’d like to go out with friends and family and have a nice, private dinner. That can sometimes be hard. But, there are many positive things that come with that recognition. I can walk into a hospital room and can share with kids and have an impact on them. Or, you can meet amazing people like Kelly Faughnan, a very special and courageous girl that I’ll host at Sunday’s game. Ultimately, that platform is a lot more important than the few people who may approach you when eating dinner. Sometimes, you can also have a great effect on those people by treating them kindly or saying nice words, encouraging them or just saying God bless them.

Q: Superstitions? Good luck charms?
A: Before the game, I like to go down to the end zone and get down on a knee and pray. Then, I’ll do a few hops and sprint down the sidelines. Then I feel ready to go, but not until that.
Q: One thing you wish you could change about yourself, or worst habit.
A: I crack my knuckles all the time. And, my locker is an absolute mess.