Monday, October 31, 2011

Quote of the Day: Another Chance to Shine

Tebow gets the start "this week."

John Fox's  Monday Press Conference here.

Photos of the Day - Broncos vs. Lions

For Tebow's post game comments, click here.

Photos: Denver Post

The Great Tebow Pumpkin

Sorry, but it's a little creepy.  But it can be yours for $75.

After Only Two Starts

Look at the stories today:

Really?  After starting only two games this season, and a total of five overall?
Imagine if coaches had given up on Elway, Peyton Manning, Montana after only two starts, or even five.
And what about Young, Brees, and Warner?  

For the critics who said Tebow was given too much credit after the Miami comeback and that the rally was a team win, not a solo Tebow victory, well, back at you.  The Denver loss was ugly, but it was a team loss.  Tebow looked bad, but his line looked equally as bad.  And the defense?  Where were they?  One guy had a good day for Denver, and that was the kicker. 

And for what it's worth, Woody Paige says that Tebow will be given the rest of the season to play. The bad news, it seems Paige thinks the Broncos brass have already made up their minds on Tebow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tebow's Post Lions Presser

Click the photo for the video.

Broncos vs. Lions - Game Day Verse

I Samuel 12: 24  But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jockey supports Tim Tebow in "more than one way"

Tebow on tebowing

“It’s not my job to see what people’s reasons are behind it,” Tebow said. “But I know, like a kid that tweeted me with cancer and said, “I’m Tebowing while I’m chemoing.” How cool is that? That’s worth it right there for that kid. If that gives him any encouragement or just puts a smile on his face or gives him encouragement to pray, then that’s really awesome and that’s completely worth it for me.”

Tebow said he supports the movement and hopes it encourages people to follow his lead.

“I think that’s a pretty cool thing and it’s stepping out for something that you either believe in or that you want to show or if you just want to pray, either way it’s pretty cool,” Tebow said.


A Florida Georgia Flashback

It kind of amazes us that two years after Tebow left college ball that we still get "Gator Hater" and "Tebow is a fake" emails from Georgia fans.  So in their honor, we'd like to post one of our favorite Florida-Georgia posts from 2009.

10 Signs That "Prove" Tim Tebow is the Antichrist

We're fond of pointing out that Tebow isn't perfect, but is he the anti-Christ?
A few Dawgs think so. And they make a case for it.

I guess we can look at it this way, at least he inspired them to dig their Bibles out.

And nice graphic too. If this is what Dawgs see from their side of Jax Municipal Stadium, it's no wonder why they leave so early.

And if you really think Tebow is a "fake" then click here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quote of the Day: Tebowing - Love it!


Von Miller Tebowing

Very cool.


So you liked planking?  Well, here's the newest craze, "Tebowing."

And what is that exactly?  (vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

The thing that we find funniest about "tebowing" is that Tebow doesn't "tebow" that often.
What Tebow does do a lot is this:

And what is the difference? Tebow screams when he scores.   And why was he kneeling?  Probably because he was having flashbacks to the Arkansas game.   (Update: We were right.  He couldn't watch the field goal attempt.  Audio here.)

Maybe the "Tebow scream" can be the next wave of "tebowing." That's what we're hoping for...lots of Tebow screaming.  Just sayin'.

Eye Black Challenger: Cam Perron

In honor of the world series, we'd like to introduce you to Cam Perron, a teenager who is not only a great historian of the game, but also has helped numerous Negro League players get the recognition and pensions that they deserve.

Like many teenagers, Cam Perron spends most of his free time on the phone. But instead of texting or playing video games, he’s talking to old guys like Paul Jones and Gilbert Black.
They are former Negro league baseball players, old enough to be his grandfather, and he may be their greatest fan, their unlikely but irrepressible advocate.
Perron, a shaggy-haired 16-year-old with a shortstop’s lanky build, is one of the country’s most prolific researchers into the leagues that gave black ballplayers a professional option when they were banned from the bigs. From his bedroom in Arlington, Perron has created baseball cards for players who never had any, discovered evidence to help former players earn pensions, and reconnected teammates who hadn’t spoken in decades. This month he will help organize a reunion in Birmingham, Ala., for more than 50 former players.

Tebow, False Football Prophet?

The Tebow phenomena has gone international.
The Taiwanese ask if Tebow is the Broncos' savior or a false football prophet.

hat tip: Only Gators

Elway, Tebow have similarities

Denver's CBS4 Vic Lombardi did some research and rookie John Elway and Tim Tebow have some interesting similarities.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tebow's Wednesday Presser

Tebow talks his play against the Dolphins, better decision making, and looking forward to the Lions.  More importantly, Tebow talks the Florida - Georgia game.  Go Gators!

Click the photo for the video.

Eye Black Challenger: Megan Cox

Megan Cox is a two sport player. Soccer and Football.  
The money quote:  "There's definitely guys I could punish. I didn't say that, but I can."

Photo of the Day: The Broncos Practice Field

Photo: Patrick Smyth

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quote of the Day: Tebow is the football establishments's worst nightmare

Nate Jackson, former Bronco and Slate writer, takes on the establishment in defense of Tim Tebow, both on and off the field.  It is a great piece, but here is the money quote:

Which leads me back around to Solomon Wilcots' comments and his praise for the ineffable virtues of Tebow. That's the thing, Craggs. We're all too smart for God these days, and to believe in Tim Tebow is to believe in God in a world that tells us God is an impossibility, and that Tim Tebow is a bad quarterback because a bunch of guys on television said so. Well, screw that. We need some new heroes.


Full story here....and please read it.

How do you quantify heart?

For 55 minutes, I sat in boredom and disbelief. Tim Tebow was awful and the Broncos were scoreless. There was a stretch from the 2nd through 3rd quarter where he missed 6 consecutive passing attempts. At the start of the 4th quarter, Tebow had 2 net passing yards. The game was, seemingly, over. There were 5 minutes and 23 second left in the 4th quarter and the Broncos were down 15-0 with the ball at their own 20. 
Then, it was Tebow Time. Somehow, the Broncos came away with an 18-15 win.
Can anyone explain to me what happened? Luck? A Tim Tebow Miracle? Mile High Magic in Miami?
It's not often that you come across something you can't quantify or comprehend. As senior engineering student at the University of Louisville, I've been taught a number of methods for quantifying biological processes, creating equations for control systems or modeling mechanical functions. In football, there are a lot of ways that we can measure certain aspects of the game such as 3rd down conversions, rushing yards allowed, turnovers, etc.
But how do you quantify heart? How can you make an equation for a 4th quarter comeback? How do you model putting the team on your back?
I honestly don't know.

Full story here.

Quote of the Day

Of the six quarterbacks that made their first start of the season Sunday, Tim Tebow was the only one to emerge a winner..  Adam Schefter

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tebow Debate Reaches New Heights

When the "Tebow Debate' makes it on to the Drudge Report next to such issues as an EU rebellion, the Vatican calling for a "Central World Bank" and Texas Gov. Rick Perry stumping with a 20% tax rate, you know the issue of a recent "third string" (or was it "fourth"?) QB's uneven play and history setting comeback is of national importance.  Maybe even international importance.  You be the judge.

"Tebow debate rages on despite comeback heroics..." here.

Everything In Between Outtakes

You can pre-order Everything In Between  documentary from Amazon.
Releases November 8, 2011.

Quote of the Day

"Without a doubt, not everybody that plays in this league, or any league has 'it,'" Broncos coach John Fox said, praising Tebow. "It's a great quality to have. We got a guy, No. 7 [John Elway], who I work with every day, he had 'it.'" 

More here on "the myth and legend of Tim Tebow."

Headline of the Day: Believe It!

Look familiar?

The 15 point comeback inside 3 minutes to play is the greatest comeback since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

Quote of the Day: Tebow's Popularity Underestimated

Knowing how many people went to see Tebow play in the opener against the Jags last year, and now the extra tickets sold at the Miami game, do you think the Jags front office has any regrets?  And really?  Blaine Gabbert? 

A week before the 2010 NFL Draft, a handful of marketing experts said drafting Tim Tebow would only marginally boost ticket sales for the Jaguars. They estimated the former Nease High and University of Florida quarterback would bump season tickets sales by about 3,000.
“If Tebow were a John Elway it’d be different, but he’s not regarded that way,” Bob Leffler, head of the Leffler agency, the largest sports entertainment advertising agency in America, told The Florida Times-Union at the time.
Tebow led the Broncos to a stirring comeback victory Sunday, but he’s not going to be John Elway. Clearly, it would have been a reach for the Jaguars to take him with the No. 10 overall pick (they chose DT Tyson Alualu).
But whether Tebow turns out to a good, great or a bust in the NFL, it’s clear that marketing people underestimated his intangibles and popularity. He’s made just four starts, yet Tebow is already achieving near-iconic status in Denver (people bought billboards pleading with the Broncos to play him), and he was the focal point of the NFL on Sunday.
If Tebow were playing for his hometown Jaguars, is it unreasonable to think he would have sold 10,000 or more season tickets, even if he was holding a clipboard as a backup QB? Probably not.
That’s not to say the Jaguars whiffed on Tebow. The general consensus is that Blaine Gabbert, who the Jaguars selected with their first-round pick this year, will be a better quarterback than Tebow. Gabbert’s mechanics are better, his arm is stronger. Still, given Tebow’s ascendance to the starting job, and the national following he has, it’s hard to resist asking, “What if?”

Full story here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tebow leads Google Hot Trends

Tebow leads Google Hot Trends for Oct. 23

Tebow's Post Dolphins Presser

Tim takes responsibility for his bad play but also talks about the perspective the W15H kids give him before and after a game.  And gives props to the Gator Nation, which is everywhere.
Click the photo for the video.

"Miracle in Miami"


And after....

Click here for the final 2:44 minute highlights (and be thankful you didn't see the preceding 57 minutes of play.) 

Quote of the Day

High praise from a favorite Gator Great,

makes me feel good to be a win or lose, it's about desire, passion, perseverance, character

Quotes of the Day - Post Game

Jersey Shore

Front Page

Tebow makes the front page of the Miami Herald in orange and blue.
Story here.

Broncos vs. Dolphins - Game Day Verse

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Quote of the Day - Pregame

“I guess the Denver fans finally saw what [Florida] fans saw down there — a spark, the fact that he gives something extra, the ability to dodge tackles,” said Tariq Suleiman.
Tariq and Mohammad are so enamored of Tebow that, back in September, they unveiled a downtown Denver billboard exhorting head coach John Fox to replace Orton with Tebow.
Never mind that the Suleimans are Muslims and Tebow wears his Christianity proudly. When it comes to football, the Suleimans say that religion isn’t part of the equation.
“The fact that he’s a strict follower is very good, actually,” Tariq said. “We’re tired of hearing about these celebrities and these players that just can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble. He’s a God-fearing person and knows his limit. And I also like him as a football player.”
Added Mohammad: “It has nothing to do with religion. He motivates the team, the fans. It’s exciting. I’m worried about winning in Denver and if Tebow’s the guy who helps us get those wins, I’m all for it. I’m a convert.”

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

Read the following and imagine John Oliver meeting the Pouncey twins and having a conversation about Tim Tebow.  Especially about his thanking God and supposedly not his linemen.  

Comedian John Oliver starts the skit by making his ire clear: He hates Tim Tebow.
Oliver, who won an Emmy in 2009 for his work as a "Daily Show" correspondent, doesn't just dislike Tebow. He saves that designation, he says, for Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe. No, Oliver  hates Tebow.
"How dare you -- how dare you -- thank God before thanking your offensive line," Oliver cracked at Florida State's homecoming in 2010. "Do you have any idea what an offensive line goes through during a game? If I was an offensive lineman for Tim Tebow, and I heard him thank God instead of thanking me at the end of the game, I'd find myself lining up for the following game and say, 'Oh Tim, I heard your press conference at the end of the game last week, great to hear Jesus get a shout-out.'
"'Wasn't he fantastic for us? Wasn't God great, especially in that fourth quarter? ... Let's see how Jesus blocks for you this time. Oh, it seems Jesus didn't read that blitz.'"
The crowd laughed because, well, plenty of people -- not just Florida State Seminoles -- would find that funny. They also cheered, something plenty of people -- not just Florida State Seminoles -- would also endorse. But why? Why do they cheer?
Why do people hate Tim Tebow?
"It really blows my mind," said Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who spent three seasons as an offensive lineman for Tebow at the University of Florida. "You talk about a guy that's in the church, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink alcohol, lives right, won the Heisman, won the national championship in college.
"Why do you criticize a guy like that?"
 Click here for more on "Tebow haters don't shake quarterback's faith in higher calling."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"He’s been criticized his whole life and all he did was prove people wrong and win," Pouncey said. "I think he’s going to do the same thing in the NFL and I’ll take a winner over a pretty passer any day. He can run the ball and I think that threat with him running the ball, it scares defenses because it’s hard to bring him down. Tebow’s a winner and no matter how he throws the football he figures out a way how to win games."


"He's going to have his share of fans," Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby said. "But ... disappointing a whole bunch of people gives me energy. Maybe have some babies cry or something."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tebow Post Practice Presser

Tebow's post practice presser.  Shaved for his mom, again.
Click the photo for the video.

Eye Black Challenger: Eddie Delaney

Defensive end Eddie Delaney is living his dream playing Division I football at UAlbany. Despite being born without a left hand, the 19-year-old Holtsville, N.Y. native is thriving on the gridiron. He garnered Northeast Conference Rookie of the Week honors in only his second career start and co-led the team in pass breakups this season. He also received second team honors for the Northeast Conference.

Delaney, a sophomore business administration major, notices his opponents peer down at his hand at the line of scrimmage. But it doesn't bother him. He's never seen himself as disabled.

He also doesn't see himself as a role model, either -- but he is. As Delaney leaves the sidelines after a recent game, he spots a group of young children smiling and waving emphatically from the bleachers. He walks over to them, autographs their caps and shirts. It was then Delaney realized he is a role model.

"I've never thought of myself that way. I'm just a kid who plays football and goes to school," said Delaney, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age six and wears an insulin pump. "But they look up to me. They see me and think they can do anything, too. It's a good feeling. It means a lot."

To his teammates, Delaney is known as a bit of a prankster. Over the summer, Delaney told freshmen on the football squad that he lost his hand in a shark attack. Some of them still believe it, he said, laughing. He also jokes about dressing up as a pirate every Halloween.

When he isn't playing practical jokes, Delaney can be found talking with children who have disabilities, emphasizing the same message his parents instilled in him -- you can do anything you set out to do. Delaney and his Great Danes teammates hosted more than 90 children with diabetes, known as "The Sugar-Free Gang." Coordinated through Ellis Hospital, the joint effort allowed these kids to meet an inspirational athlete who can share their stories of growing up with diabetes.

Delaney had a similar experience, meeting former New York Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott, who was also born without a hand. Like Abbott, Delaney is determined not to let it slow him down. It hasn't yet.

For more Eddie Delaney, click here.

Will Tebow Time last?

It hasn't even started and they are asking the question "will it last?"

Nonetheless, Charles Davis makes a case for Tebow and the opening montage of the Orton - Tebow QB controversy is worth the look.

Click the photo for the video.