Thursday, January 5, 2012

Steeler's Maurkice Pouncey talks Tebow

He remembers watching Tebow in the weight room at Florida -- sometimes scolded by strength and conditioning coaches to take it easy.
"They had to hold him back in the weight room," Pouncey said with a smile. "He would just go in there and bench-press and do stupid stuff. He’s got to go in there and throw the ball on Saturdays."

But it is because of that hard work -- and Tebow’s unorthodox talent -- that gave Pouncey few doubts about how Tebow would turn out as a pro. "They’re winning right now," Pouncey said. "They’re in the playoffs. That’s successful to me."
(And does anyone know why  there's a crocheted anti-Ray Lewis cozie?  Wouldn't some posterboard and markers do just fine? Hey, whatever works for you.)

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