Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tebow injured in Patriots game

Various news outlets are reporting that Tebow suffered a serious injury in the Patriots game to his ribs and a bruised lung.  The speculation now turns to if he will be able to play in the ProBowl as the second alternate, behind Brady and Roethlisberger, because of the injuries.

Also, Peter King has also helped raise speculation via twitter that Tebow should have sat out and let Brady Quinn go in.  "RT : So Tebow basically cost his team.. If you're injured, get out and let a healthy Quinn play ... 35-7 when he got popped, sir."

Tebow's response to playing injured during the Pat's game: "I just wanted to show character. You just continue to fight and it doesn't change who you are, how you play, how you go out there, you should be the same at all times," Tebow said. "That's what I wanted to show, it didn't matter if it was the first play or the last play or you were down by 42. I was going to be the same player and I was still going to give everything I have. Because that's all I have to give."

We're getting the feeling that it is going to be a very long off-season.