Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tebow Time

Jockey.com has a new banner for their site in honor of Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow, leading his team into the playoffs. 

More on the Jockey ad and back story here in today's USA Today.  Money quote:

"Its very exciting for us. He is the hottest athlete in the country today. He's trending among elite celebrity status," Cohn says.
There's "no question" Tebow is attracting female consumers to the more male-oriented Jockey brand, Cohn adds. A few months ago, Jockey aired a TV commercial in which Tebow is seen shirtless. It was only a brief moment, but that's what everyone ended up talking about, Cohn recalled.
"Its funny, you see Tim without his shirt for maybe one second. We got a lot of complimentary e-mails for that one second."