Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"You can't work Tim Tebow"

Sally Quinn, religion writer for the Washington Post, is a Tim Tebow fan.  And like many, she is more of a fan of Tebow than of the player because she is not a fan of football. 

I think Tim Tebow is the last person in the world to think that he can “work” God. He believes that God has given him the chance to do good and he is doing it the best way he can. And he is using all of his abilities to their fullest. Listen to what he had to say after the game.

“It still wasn’t a bad day,” he said. “It still was a good day, because I got to spend some time before the game with Zack McLeod (a 20 year old with a brain injury sustained from playing football) and made him smile, and overall, when you get to do that it’s still a positive day. Sometimes that’s hard to see, but it depends what lens you’re looking through. I choose to look through those lenses, and I got to make a kid’s day. That’s more important than winning the game so I’m proud of that.”

He should be.

And his God should be proud too.

Though the “God” in this “memoir” is satiric, he has an important message which Tebow learned long ago. It isn’t about him. It isn’t about praying to win. It isn’t about believing that praying to win will influence God. It’s about believing that praying to do good in the world can work. “God” cannot be worked. Neither can Tim Tebow.

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