Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

"He added a great spark for us, and we really had some good things happen to us," Elway said Friday at the NFL scouting combine. "I was really happy with his progress. I know Tim's going to work hard this offseason. We're hoping that he's going to be the guy for a long, long time."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brady Quinn responds to GQ story

Brady Quinn has responded, via twitter, regarding the quotes attributed to him in the GQ story by Mike Silver

The comments attributed to me in a recent magazine article are in NO WAY reflective of my opinion of Tim and the Broncos. Tim deserves a lot of credit for our success and I'm happy for him and what he accomplished. Most importantly, he is a great teammate. That interview was conducted three months ago, and the resulting story was a completely inaccurate portrayal of my comments. I have addressed my disappointment with the writer and have reached out to Tim to clear this up. I apologize to anyone who feels I was trying to take anything away from our Team's or Tim's success this season.

The full statement can be read @BQ9.

Update: Mike Silver discusses the controversy and if Brady Quinn was treated "fairly" in the GQ piece with Dan Patrick.  You can listen here and can decide for yourself.

Mike Silver also discussed the piece with Mike and Mike in the Morning here.

Quote of the Day

“He was like a million times nicer than you’d think." Presli Collins on her date with Tim Tebow.

Comparing Tebow and Lin

We are so hoping, and even praying, that a similar baseball player emerges this year to make it a "Faith" Triumvirate for the media to discuss and compare. We don't get the comparisons, Tebow and Lin are their own man, and their own story.  But what do you think about all the Tebow/Lin comparisons? Here's a few headlines:

Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin: Winners beyond winning

Tebow-mania and Linsanity Comparisons Ring False

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow: the Comparisons don't hold up

Lin vs. Tebow (NPR)

Why It's Cool to Cheer for Lin and Not Tebow

Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow connect through religion

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tebow working with UCLA OC Noel Mazzone

"He just came out here to throw and work on a few things and see if we can just become a little more efficient in what he's doing," Noel Mazzone said, noting that the sessions will last through the weekend and maybe longer. "Throwing motion, footwork, everything I work on with all my quarterbacks."

"It's kind of like a golfer who hit that bad drive," Mazzone said of working on Tebow's unorthodox throwing motion. "Every other guy in the foursome can tell you what you did wrong and all three opinions are different. We're just going out and kind of going back to the basics and working on some fundamentals to try and become a little more efficient."

NFL teams are limited in the amount of practice time they are allowed with players during the offseason, but there is nothing preventing players from working with non-affiliated coaches. Mazzone said the Broncos are aware that he is working with Tebow and that he regularly communicates with Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase.

"Obviously I wouldn't do anything that would go against what their beliefs are," Mazzone said. "I know after coaching quarterbacks for a long time, they're like girlfriends. You don't like other guys messing with them."

Story here.

Jeremy Lin: We Are All Witnesses

Jeremy Lin is living out his faith for all of us to see.  Below are excerpts from a story on how Lin's faith has guided him through the lows, and now the sudden attention, in the NBA. But even success is still a fight. And one worth fighting. Fully story here.

His devout Christianity, bred at the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View, has been his guide since he was young. But Lin admits these last few months were a test unlike any before.

Sucker punched by the cold business of the NBA -- playing for his third team in a year -- Lin suffered in silence. Before he was the talk of the sports world, before he was crowned star of the Knicks, Lin was ridden with doubt and anxiety. So he doubled down on his commitment to God.

without that, he believes, there would be no Lin-sanity.

What the country sees is a Cinderella story, Lin's meteoric rise from the NBA Development League to unstoppable star. But for Lin, it's a story of faith, the beautiful struggle he's now convinced he can win. Most importantly, it's a story of how he'll be completely fine if he doesn't.

"I'm not playing to prove anything to anybody," Lin said. "That affected my game last year and my joy last year. With all the media attention, all the love from the fans (in the Bay Area), I felt I needed to prove myself. Prove that I'm not a marketing tool, I'm not a ploy to improve attendance. Prove I can play in this league. But I've surrendered that to God. I'm not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore." [...]
Now, the Knicks are 5-0 with Lin running the show. He's gone from having a non-guaranteed minimum contract and sleeping on his brother's couch to having America's biggest market now concerned the Knicks can't pay him enough to keep him.
But even Lin admits the constant struggle he faces. Deep inside he knows it is bigger than him.
"There is so much temptation to hold on to my career even more now," Lin said. "To try to micromanage and dictate every little aspect. But that's not how I want to do things anymore. I'm thinking about how can I trust God more. How can I surrender more? How can I bring him more glory?
"It's a fight. But it's one I'm going to keep fighting."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book It! airs Feb 15

Airs Feb. 15 8AM CST

Lulu bird talks Tebow

Lulu, a talking Quaker bird, gives comfort to a mother after losing her daughter, a Gator and Tebow fan, by cheering for Tebow.

Tebow and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tebow attended the LA opening of Act of Valor and shared the red carpet with Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Story here.)

Tebow also spent time yesterday at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club in south LA.  And for those worried hes' not working on his throwing and QB-ing, he's in LA to work with his new QB coach.

Finally, here's a glimpse at the bracelets he's wearing at the moment.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Mama said knock you out"

Seeing the photo below makes you wonder which LL Cool J song is Tebow's favorite.

And what is Tebow looking at?

Story and photos of Tebow attending the Hennessey pre-Grammy party at Allieiswired.

Do Good Guys Wear Orange and Blue?

Tim Tebow played for the University of Florida, and then continued "rockin' the orange and blue" as a Denver Bronco.  We all know about Tebow Time, "tebowing", and the whole question of "does God care about football games?"  (Our answer to this question is "of course God cares about football, basketball, and sports because he has kids on every team.")

And now we have Jeremy Lin, playing in orange and blue, for the New York Knicks. Is the wearing orange and blue coincidental? Probably, but do you really believe that it is a coincidence that we are witnessing another "improbable" victory story of a player who most thought couldn't play the game then out of nowhere becomes a star? And that that player is also a devout Christian?  We don't think so. 

Below is an excerpt from Michael Luo's  story in the New York Times describing his pride in seeing a fellow Chinese-American and Christian become a star.  You can read the full story here.
Yes, Linsanity. 

But it also represented much more than that, at least to me. 

Like Lin, I’m a Harvard graduate, albeit more than a decade ahead of him, and a second-generation Chinese-American. I’m also a fellow believer, one of those every-Sunday-worshiping, try-to-read-the-Bible-and-pray types, who agreed with Lin when he said to reporters after the Jazz game, “God works in mysterious and miraculous ways.” 

Being a believer can mean different things in different circles. In a lot of the ones Lin and I have traveled, it can mean, essentially, you are a bit of a weirdo, or can make you an object of scorn. 

For me, as an Asian-American, the chants of “M.V.P.!” raining down on Lin at the Garden embody a surreal, Jackie Robinson-like moment. Just as meaningful to me as a Christian, however, is the way the broadcasters have hailed Lin as not just the “Harvard hero” but the “humble Harvard grad.” His teammates appear just as overjoyed at his success as he was. Both seem to be testaments to his character. [...]

Last season, I followed closely as Lin went undrafted but later signed with the Golden State Warriors. He played sparingly and was cut in December. He landed briefly in Houston but was cut again. Finally, he joined the Knicks but had mostly sat on the bench. Now he is suddenly the shining star of New York.

In the midst of his stellar run last week, I couldn’t help but reflect on Lin’s journey. A Bible verse that he has cited as a favorite came to mind, encouraging believers that “suffering produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us.”

And don't be surprised if a similar athlete emerges in Major League Baseball this summer.  And if it just so happens to be with the Mets or the Lions, then we will know for sure that good guys "wear orange and blue."

Photo: The Gothamist

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeremy Lin inspired by Tebow

"I've drawn actually a lot of inspiration just because he’s such a polarizing figure but I think the things he says in interviews, his approach to the game is just unbelievable and I respect him so much," Lin said in a radio interview with 95.7 The Game in San Francisco on Thursday. "I actually want to be able to do some of the things that he does in terms of the amount of charity work and the non-profit work, and the way he impacts people off the field. I think that is what is most inspiring to me about him.”
Lin has a foundation in his own name that is dedicated to serving under privileged members of the community. It's aim is to provide "financial, educational and spiritual assistance and to make a lasting difference in the lives of others."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Praying for a win

There was a whole lotta talk during the 2011 NFL season on whether Tim Tebow had received "divine intervention" in all those 4th quarter comebacks and overtime wins.  But, be honest, as fans did you pray for the Broncos to win?

Tebow has said that he prays, win or lose, to honor God.  But what about the Church taking out an ad encouraging parishioners to pray for a win?

Well, the Catholic Diocese in Montreal has taken out an ad urging fans to pray for the Montreal Canadiens.
Money quote:
Faced with declining church attendance rates, the Archdiocese of Montreal is known for its clever collection campaigns, designed by a local ad firm, to solicit funds each year.
Bos advertising agency calls this ad campaign a one-shot deal; the spots appeared in French-language newspapers this morning.
The firm says it has long been considering an ad that combines Quebec's two major religions — Catholicism, and the secular passion of hockey.

If this is true of Montrealais, what are our national religions as Americans?  Football and what?

We've written several times that we believe God is glorified in both victory and defeat.  And we'll even admit that we've prayed on far more than one occasion that Tim Tebow win. Sorry, but it's true.

During this off-season, please join us in praying for Tebow, his fellow teammates, rival athletes, and ourselves that we all become better role models and people by helping those around us in need. We'll all be better for it.

"Tebow" home-schooling bill passes

The "Tebow Bill" has passed in Virginia  which will allow home-schooled athletes to participate in sports at public schools.  It is going to the state  Senate and the Governor has said he will sign it.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, has said he will sign the bill. “Home-school parents pay taxes like everybody else,” he said recently. “It’s just fair.”

And what do you do when your "Tebow Bill" passes?  Tebow, of course.

Story here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Will to Win

Got our copy of Will to Win: How Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos Made 2011 a Season to Remember today.  Highly recommend it.  Read an excerpt and get a copy here.

Quote of the Day: Tebow not joining DWTS

In case you were wondering, Tim Tebow will not be joining Dancing with the Stars.

Danica Patrick likens herself to Tebow.

Katy Perry, Katherine McPhee, and Maria Menounos aren't the only brunettes  linking themselves to Tebow in the media.  Instead, Danica Patrick likens her career and public perception to Tebow's in USA Today.
The notion that the career arcs and public perception of Tebow and Patrick are similar came to Patrick's husband, Paul Hospenthal, while watching Tebow quarterback the Denver Broncos' Jan. 8 playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
"He said, 'He's very much like you and how your situation has gone down,' " Patrick said. "When stuff happens so quickly and you become popular so quickly, it becomes polarizing. Everyone has an opinion without really knowing you.

"There are similarities between us. He's playing in the NFL as a quarterback, so obviously he has talent, but everybody wants to say he's not very good. I know what that feels like. His situation is very interesting to me."
 Story here.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giant Tebow

What do you do when Denver has a snow storm?  Clear the drive by making a giant praying Tebow.


Joe Namath and Archie Manning on Tebow

"He'll be their starting quarterback," Manning said. "And because he's their quarterback, they'll concentrate on building that team around defense. Because he's their starting quarterback, they'll have a strong running game. There's nothing wrong with that. It's the way they always used to win football games. It's just a little trendy right now to throw the ball around."

Said Namath of Tebow: "What a winner. There's nothing negative about him that I see other than his accuracy from time to time. But you can improve your accuracy."
"I was a little surprised, actually, Tebow went into the league. I figured he would have his own show as a televangelist. If the guy's looking to make a score in something he believes in, God knows he's a Christian. Are you kidding me? That still might be out there for him, eventually."

Tebow on Winning the Never Say Never Award

Tebow talks winning the Never Say Never award, but also Alec Baldwin "tebowing" and Jimmy Fallon and "Tebowie."  Click here for video.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tebow on David Feherty Live

Tebow wins NFL "Never Say Never" Award

The Inaugural  NFL Honors awards begin at 9PM EST.
Live blogging is here.

Photos: NFL.com

The Madden Bowl winners

Our boy is even clutch when gaming.  (Go Broncos!  and, cause we gotta, Who Dat!)

Tebow was everywhere

Below is a selection of Tebow's radio and tv appearances through Super Bowl week.

And Tebow on the Dan Patrick Show (audio) here.

And even Rosie O'Donnell and Jenny McCarthy wanted to meet Tebow.

And with Michael Irvin at ESPN's Next event.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tebow and Skip Bayless

Below is part one of Skip Bayless' interview of Tim Tebow.

Click here for the other two videos.

Tebow on NFL Network

Tebow hit radio row and visited the set of NFL Network.
Click here for the video.  And check out the fans' reactions behind Tebow.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tebow and Skip Bayless

Here's an excerpt of Skip Bayless interviewing Tebow.  The interview will air on Friday at 10AM EST.

Tebow on Jimmy Fallon

Tebow brings the Bond look back. This time to late night.

Highlight of the appearance, when asked to throw an autographed t-shirt into the crowd, Tebow quipped, "I'm still trying to work on my motion."  Instead, he shot it into the crowd. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

John Legend's Tribute to Tebow: Extra-Ordinary Tebow

This one is good. (Please no more Tebow songs, this one is enough.)

Tebow Time

Tim Tebow will be a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show tonight, Wed. Feb. 1 at 12:35 AM EST.

He will appear on First Take on ESPN2 on Friday Morning, Feb. 3 at 10AM EST. (Podcast will appear here afterwards.)

NBC's NFL Honors show on Saturday, Feb. 4 9-11PM EST.

Tebow will also be reading Green Eggs and Ham  for the Book It! program on Wed. Feb 15. via webcast to schools across America.