Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Danica Patrick likens herself to Tebow.

Katy Perry, Katherine McPhee, and Maria Menounos aren't the only brunettes  linking themselves to Tebow in the media.  Instead, Danica Patrick likens her career and public perception to Tebow's in USA Today.
The notion that the career arcs and public perception of Tebow and Patrick are similar came to Patrick's husband, Paul Hospenthal, while watching Tebow quarterback the Denver Broncos' Jan. 8 playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
"He said, 'He's very much like you and how your situation has gone down,' " Patrick said. "When stuff happens so quickly and you become popular so quickly, it becomes polarizing. Everyone has an opinion without really knowing you.

"There are similarities between us. He's playing in the NFL as a quarterback, so obviously he has talent, but everybody wants to say he's not very good. I know what that feels like. His situation is very interesting to me."
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