Thursday, February 9, 2012

Praying for a win

There was a whole lotta talk during the 2011 NFL season on whether Tim Tebow had received "divine intervention" in all those 4th quarter comebacks and overtime wins.  But, be honest, as fans did you pray for the Broncos to win?

Tebow has said that he prays, win or lose, to honor God.  But what about the Church taking out an ad encouraging parishioners to pray for a win?

Well, the Catholic Diocese in Montreal has taken out an ad urging fans to pray for the Montreal Canadiens.
Money quote:
Faced with declining church attendance rates, the Archdiocese of Montreal is known for its clever collection campaigns, designed by a local ad firm, to solicit funds each year.
Bos advertising agency calls this ad campaign a one-shot deal; the spots appeared in French-language newspapers this morning.
The firm says it has long been considering an ad that combines Quebec's two major religions — Catholicism, and the secular passion of hockey.

If this is true of Montrealais, what are our national religions as Americans?  Football and what?

We've written several times that we believe God is glorified in both victory and defeat.  And we'll even admit that we've prayed on far more than one occasion that Tim Tebow win. Sorry, but it's true.

During this off-season, please join us in praying for Tebow, his fellow teammates, rival athletes, and ourselves that we all become better role models and people by helping those around us in need. We'll all be better for it.