Sunday, March 18, 2012

Perspective on the Manning-Tebow Drama from Denver and JAX

Two local writers give perspective on the current Manning Watch/Tebow situation.

First, Mike Klis in the Denver Post lists the long line of Denver QB dramas:
This town has sent its share of quarterbacks to the funny farm.
Jake Plummer wrote a $5 million pretax check just so he could retire.

Jay Cutler forced a trade to dreary, frigid, wind-swept Chicago and the defensive-oriented Bears.
Kyle Orton thought Kansas City, for cripes sake, was better than living beneath the interminable sunshine of Tebowmania.

And now Tim Tebow, one of the most outwardly competitive athletes to rumble across the hash marks, bunkers silently as his team attempts to take his job away and give it to Peyton Manning.
Come to think of it, this wasn't an easy place for John Elway, either. Still isn't.

Matt Hasselbeck, anyone?

That is the most concise description of the Denver situation that we've seen to date.  But for perspective on Tim Tebow and how we can expect him to fare this whole situation we'd like you to read an excerpt from Jacksonville's Gene Frenette:

With the Peyton Manning sweepstakes reportedly down to three finalists, that means a starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans or San Francisco 49ers will either be moved down to No. 2 on the depth chart, traded away or taking his services elsewhere.

If that somebody turns out to be the Broncos' Tim Tebow, look for him to handle it with the same calm, driven disposition in which he dispatched the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime of the AFC playoffs.

Unlike some of his most fervent admirers and detractors, Tebow has no time for irrationality or chaos. Whatever outside noise is created by those who can't get enough of making Tebow the drama centerpiece, he's more apt to disarm them than inflame any controversy. [...]

No NFL player does a better job at handling public relations. So if anyone thinks Tebow is going to get rattled by the Manning circus, then they just haven't been paying attention. How many times does he remind people that football is secondary to his Christian faith, that providing hope to those less fortunate is what drives him?

One of Tebow's favorite lines is: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future."

The Manning drama is about to reach its conclusion. Whether the Broncos land Manning and send Tebow packing, keep pursuing other quarterbacks, or have to awkwardly welcome back the NFL's most polarizing figure as their starter, Tebow will adjust.

It's what a cool, level-headed quarterback does. And Tebow is all that.