Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Power of Tim Tebow and You

There is a video making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and across the internet as a whole and it is calling on  20 "Culture Makers" and 12 "Policy Makers" to help bring down one of the worst warlords today, Joseph Kony.

Filmmaker Jason Russell is calling on Tim Tebow, as an athlete, to help make the rest of the US aware of this brutal killer in an effort to persuade President Obama and US policy makers to not withdraw US support in Uganda to capture Joseph Kony in 2012. And look who Tebow is sandwiched in between as a "culture maker." (At the 23 min. mark)

Does Tim Tebow have the power and the influence to make a difference in helping bring down a war criminal?  Do you and do we?  Can fame and public interest and public scrutiny be used as a positive force, instead of as gossip and web traffic and ad clicks?  We hope so, because as Christians we believe "anything is possible if a person believes."

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.