Sunday, March 25, 2012

Riley Cooper on Tebow and Sanchez

Riley Cooper,  Tim Tebow's college roommate and Eagles WR, tells Rich Cimini Tebow is all that.

And don't think Tebow will be intimated by the attention. That won't happen, according to his close friend, Riley Cooper, a former college roommate and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver.

Asked how he expects Tebow to handle New York, Cooper told, "Awesome. It'll be just another notch on his belt, to be honest with you. … How can you dislike a person like him? He's going to explode even bigger than he was in Denver. New York is the No. 1 freakin' marketplace. It's going to be awesome for him."

Cooper said Tebow will remain humble, but he also called him "the most competitive person I've ever met. Pingpong, video game, rock-paper-scissors, no matter what, he wants to win. I wish I could say he cheated, but he doesn't."

When the trade was finalized Wednesday, the Jets called Tebow and defined his role -- backup to Sanchez and spot duty in the Wildcat. Some people in the organization don't expect him to be satisfied with that.

"Are you crazy? He's the ultimate competitor," one person said. "He's going to try everything in his power to supplant Mark Sanchez. That's why he picked us."

Cooper said he expects Tebow "to go out and compete as hard as he possibly can to show how good a quarterback and how good a player he is. That's who Tim Tebow is. And whatever happens, happens."

And what are Tebow's faults?
 "Everybody always asks for dirt on him," Cooper said. "Tim Tebow is the closest thing to perfect as I've ever been around. The only thing I can think of is that he didn't clean up his dishes. He left dishes and cereal bowls all around our living room. That's all I've got for you."