Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Robby Tebow on Tebow Trade to Jets

"We're really excited that Tim can play for a coach like Rex Ryan and the opportunity he's been given with the situation," Tebow said. "Rex is a fiery, motivating coach and I think they'll mesh well. Timmy is going to work extremely hard and try to make the most of his opportunity."
At the time, Robby Tebow did not appear to know that the trade to the Jets had hit a snag. He also dodged the question of whether the family is unhappy that the Jaguars passed on a second chance to obtain his brother to play for his hometown NFL team.

"We're absolutely excited and thrilled that he got his opportunity in New York," he said in response to a direct question of how the family feels about the Jaguars' decision to not offer more to the Broncos to get Tebow.
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Update:  Mike Bianchi caught up with Robby Tebow.  Per twitter:

Robbie #Tebow, brother of Tim, playing pro-am at Bay Hill. He just said he thinks #Jaguars "are back in play."

Robbie , brother of Tim, also said, "We're back at square 1. We thought it was done, sign, sealed, delivered."

When I asked Robbie Tebow if Tim wants to go to , he said, "We want to go where somebody wants him (Tim)."