Friday, March 23, 2012

The Temptation of Tim Tebow

Sorry, but we love this headline from the NY Daily News:
For a star quarterback like Tim Tebow, the city is full of sinful temptations like prostitutes and bars

Really?  That's nice to know.  Apparently, nowhere else in the world has prostitutes or bars.  Not Gainesville. Not Jacksonville. Not Miami. Not Denver.  Not L.A.

Or do they think Tim Tebow has never been tempted?  Or do they really think that New York is all that?  Because if you hadn't already noticed the "beautiful" people at ESPN happen to be Gators; Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown, and even Jesse Palmer.  Just sayin'.  And it's not like we aren't known for having a good time here in Gainesville, even if that has slipped a little since Timmy left town for Denver. 

But even the Jets Brass seem worried that Tim Tebow will be lured in by the charms of the bright lights of the Big City.

Jets officials are strongly encouraging new recruit Tim Tebow to live in New Jersey to keep him as far away as possible from the temptations of New York's nightlife, a source close to the team has said.
While believing the quarterback will be a great asset on the field, off it they think Tebow — a teetotaler and virgin who is saving himself for marriage — will need to have his hand held.
"The team will encourage Tebow to live in New Jersey near the practice facility," the source said. "They are not going to want him to be influenced and distracted in the city."

The Big Apple is in for a big shock.  Tim Tebow is a country boy addicted to working out and watching film, football film. And the one thing he is most likely doing around midnight, other than sleeping, is throwing, and not looking for prostitutes and bars.

We feel sorry for the tabloid types that are assigned to follow Tebow, because it is most likely going to be a very boring job following him from his house to the training facility, back to his house and back to the training facility, and back to his house, ad nauseum.  Don't believe us, check the Dan Patrick interview from this year's Super Bowl (2/3/12). That's pretty much what he did in Denver. And it wasn't because they didn't have any bars. (Update: Listen to this interview.)

And if this still doesn't make sense to you, here's a New York example.  As fun as it might seem to want to "corrupt" Tim Tebow, it's not in New York's best interest.  Just try and think of Tim Tebow as football's abstinent George Costanza

Our boy is a little different than the rest of us.  Perfect, no, not at all.  But we are willing to bet that whatever stumbling blocks he does have in life, it isn't prostitutes and bars or the grimy underbelly of the New York City nightlife. Or even blond starlets.

And then there's the cursing.  Even Tony Dungy tweeted yesterday that maybe Tim could help Rex Ryan with his cursing.  Don't worry about Tebow being shocked by Rex Ryan's foul mouth, he's heard it before, and can handle it.  Rex Ryan may be in Baton Rouge at the moment, but Ryan's got nothing compared to a stadium full of rabid LSU fans on a sweaty night at Death Valley.  If you think so, then who's the naive one?

And one final thing, if the tabloids are going to publish pictures of Tebow with beautiful women whom he *might* be "dating" can you at least throw in the occasional brunette or red head? Maybe a Latina, Asian, or African American beauty instead? Because we're used to diversity down here in Florida, and we think they are all beautiful too.