Monday, March 26, 2012

Tebow "Media Availabiltiy" Jets Presser

If you missed Tebow's introductory press conference, aka "media availability" then click the photo for the video.

And the reactions:

Seriously, I've covered the on a regular basis since 1998, and that's the most impressive rollout I've witnessed. Tim was terrific

Well said. “: Facing NY media or Patriots fans is nothing compared to playing LSU at night after fans got his cell number 

Some athletes endorse corporations, Tebow endorses God. Far be it for any of us to say which is more worthy.

My gosh Tebow is a superstar of epic proportions. Of course they're in NYC but Tebow 's presser much bigger than Peyton Manning's.

New York sports media fancies themselves fairly sophisticated. They are totally overmatched. Tebow is the most effective speaker in sports.

Big bad New York media didn't lay a glove on Tebow. He's unflappable.
Muschamp said Tebow's press conference is "bigger than mine." He said the Jets just got better.

Two drive-thru credential windows + a dozen satellite trucks + 80 chairs + Tim Tebow ...

. heard you ask about Lincoln tunnel billboard! Simple answer: they support him in more ways than one haha!